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Approach to Sustainable Development

Aeroflot Group conducts its business in a sustainable way, seeking to safeguard the interests of passengers, employees, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. We take a tailored approach to every target stakeholder group, having developed and implemented group-specific tools of communication, feedback and engagement.

Aeroflot complies with all applicable HR, health, safety and environmental protection legislation, striving to meet the highest global standards for corporate social responsibility. As it closely links its performance with Russia’s overall social and economic development, Aeroflot Group pursues multiple projects promoting culture and sports, providing support for vulnerable groups, and preserving the environment.

In 2014, we established PJSC Aeroflot’s Public Council, a consultative and advisory body consisting of prominent public figures and helping the Company to formulate its policy on key sustainability issues with due regard for the needs and interests of society.

The Public Council comprises 25 prominent figures of Russian culture, education, healthcare, sports, mass media, business, industry associations, civil society organisations and human rights groups. The Public Council members participate to its activities on a pro-bono basis.

The main purpose of the Council is to help PJSC Aeroflot to formulate its position on key aspects of the Russian airline industry’s development and make recommendations to the Government on regulation and development of the industry.

The Council held two meetings in 2016, discussing a number of topics, including:

  • PJSC Aeroflot’s performance, including outcomes of the project to establish a regional carrier operating under the Rossiya brand;
  • maintaining and developing a pipeline of talent for the airline industry across the Company’s geography of operations;
  • overall social and economic development agenda for the regions in which the Company operates;
  • the Company’s treatment of disruptive passengers.